Class Kata “Circular Buffer”

Write a class which implements a circular buffer.

You can append new elements to a circular buffer at the end (Add()) like with a queue. And they can be extracted at the beginning (Take()), again like with a queue. But a circular buffer has a limited capacity (Size()) – and if that’s exhausted new elements will overwrite old elements. A circular buffer is wrapping around, it’s end and its head are connected.

The interface of the class should look like this:
class CircularBuffer {
CircularBuffer (int size) {...}
void Add(T value) {...}
T Take() {...}
int Count() {...} // Number of yet unread elements (<=Size())
int Size() {...} // Total length of buffer
Example usage:

Action Buffer content
new CircularBuffer<int>(3)
Add(1) 1
Add(2) 1,2
Size() -> 3
Count() -> 2
Take() -> 1 2
Add(3) 2,3
Add(4) 2,3,4
Add(5) 3,4,5
Take() -> 3 4,5
Add(6) 4,5,6
Add(7) 5,6,7

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