Recap ABAP CodeRetreat´s in 2017

After the first attempts of the ABAP CodeRetreat (ACR) in 2016, the format got more momentum in the year 2017. In addition to the public CodeRetreat’s for the community, companies have also used this format to try a different form of learning together. The results...

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Applying Problem-Solving Techniques to Programming

( Source: ) This is the corresponding blog post to my previous SAPTeched talk in Barcelona 2017. First of all, it is for me the solution to remember the key topics of this talk and I hope also helps everyone...

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Four reasons, why blogging is worthwhile

Four reasons, why blogging is worthwhile Yes, blogging here was a little „uncomfortable“ lately. Yes, bugs are annoying, and you think to yourself „I don’t have the nerve to deal with that.“ Here are four reasons, why it’s worth it nevertheless: Writing is education...

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Cost of pair programming

Higher cost pair programming - are paying offExtreme programming (XP) is one of the most important approaches of modern programming techniques, looking for new ways to bring projects to a successful conclusion quickly and error-free as...

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Collaborative writing – an agile approach

Agile? In an age of increasing networking and collaborative working and thinking, it is hardly surprising that the collaborative writing is gaining popularity in all possible areas. Be it in education or research. Be it to create an...

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Collaborative Writing

Be agile - everywhere! Who works in a team together with other people, knows the problem. Files are sent and changed several times until the final result is definite. But this can be easier. Collaborative Writing is the solution. A whole group of...

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CodeRetreat: How to perfect your Software-Craftmanship

What is a CodeRetreat? You surely know this: In the small-small of every days programming you have little or no time to improve your skills and practice. You may participate in one or other training - but the improvements in the functioning and...

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Coaching in the IT area

Individual coaching in the field of IT Individual coaching is one of the essential means for knowledge workers - including software developers - for the achievement of their objectives. Coaching takes place in groups today, teams are trained as...

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Fast learning

a) definition Scientific studies show that a good comprehension of the IQ is linked, but with short-term memory in connection. It stores all information in our environment and helps us to understand. Its capacity can be increased through targeted...

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Organize SAP community events

On the SAP TECHED 2015 in Barcelona there was a SAP TECHED live show with presenter Vitaly Rudnytskiy and SAP mentors Twan van den Broek, Gareth Ryan and Martin Steinberg. Me particularly pleased that Martin Steinberg with it, because he was...

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ABAP Code Kata


Ein bisher nie so da gewesenes kollaboratives Schreibprojekt zum Thema CodeKatas.
Entwickler und Interessierte aus der ganzen Welt formen gemeinsam Inhalte und Aufbau des Fachbuchs.
Vorraussichtliches Erscheinungsdatum ist Ende 2017.

ABAP Code Kata


Besseres ABAP – Schnell, sicher, robust
von Robert Arlitt, Thorsten Marcus Dunz,
Hermann Gahm, Damir Majer, Eric Westenberger

SAP PRESS Verlag, 2015
ISBN 978-3-8362-2940-1

ABAP Code Kata


Unit-Tests sind Entwicklertests auf Modulebene und eine der wesentlichen Voraussetzungen, um qualitativ hochwertige Software zu erstellen.
von Damir Majer

ISBN 978-3-89864-539-3

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