The workload is increasing in the demanding world of IT constantly, so agile time management and organization have become indispensable qualities. No wonder that digital to do lists, notebooks and similar programs steadily gained in recent years in popularity. Today I take a look at three interesting applications for Mac OS X, which should help you to make the most of your working day.


There are many to do lists programs for Mac OS X - the Apple design award-winning software things is a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution. The program organizes all important professional and personal things in your life, where the attractive user interface really makes the management of the tasks a breeze.

You summarize each task not only to projects, but can provide also with notes, a due date, and labels ("tags"), so that you later find they. Things your tasks sorted with respect to its commencement or End of categories such as "Today", "Planned" or "Sometime". Ready tasks can tick off - mouse click "Done" and later again to get the logbook for monitoring and analysis purposes. The ability to convert data from other programs - for example, emails – at your fingertips for tasks is very convenient.

The trial version of things is free of charge; in the longer term, to use the software, you purchase a license for $ 49.95. If necessary you also get the iPhone version of things; You can then synchronize the task lists of both devices.


EverNote is a free, powerful notebook with blog-like interface on your Mac and puts an end everywhere to pasted notes and doodle on your desk. Instead you can insert all - text notes, images, screenshots, media clips, and tables - in EverNote literally. This is enough a simple drag & drop gesture - pull, for example, one specimen from the Internet with pressed mouse button on the clean surface of EverNote. Or import images directly from your iPhone – a highlight here that you handwritten can capture with your iPhone and then convert into digital, searchable text by EverNote OCR.

All file snippets you reorder if needed in to do lists and sort them by date and time. Also using the search function, you can quickly find the stored information.

EverNote is Web-based; the free base version, you will need an Internet connection. For 5 Euros / month, the program can be extended however an offline function. EverNote is available as an app for your iPhone and your iPad available.

Cobook contacts

Spend how much time endlessly, to search in the depths of the Internet according to the contact data of customers, colleagues, or former business partners? With Cobook contacts, a powerful alternative to the MAC address book, this often underestimated time wasters, certainly not much occupies space in your life. With this software you can access directly from the desktop on contacts, for example, from iCloud, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and XING. The contacts can be arranged into user-defined categories and set if necessary even as the Favorites.

Cobook contacts for Mac OS X costs 8.99 euros. The program is also for iPhone and iPad available (via iTunes).