What should be the Web 3.0 Please?

We live only in the age of Web 2.0, or? As a big fan of the programming language Smalltalk I by chance discovered the Fra www.seaside.st. After the first search, I was a little disappointed. The Web page is rather paltry for a provider of Web technology and the tutorials have not excited just at the beginning. How even if you know the colorful, high quality tutorials from the Rails community.

But luckily I looked at me this framework more... and I must say I'm impressed! The Web applications feel more like normal "desktop applications". And also the development needed no constructs like "Templates" or irgeneine defined "Folder tree". The applications that were created with seaside simply speak for themselves:

The framework has to be definitely the potential to the pioneer of Web 3.0. Not only the most stable and solid development environment speaks for it, but also the applications that are just amazing!

Smalltalk live objects are wonderful-> easy try out yourself 😉