What a well run project management? What's not? What are process gaps during the project to control?
It lies in the nature of things, that while a project is discovered that important processes have not been considered in advance of the planning! How to solve such a situation? The effects that occur when no type of project changes are known:

  • ALL need to participate in more prio-1 meetings...
  • .. This reduces the time that are intended for the actual tasks
  • The motivation in the team falls, as is the feeling is spreading "no longer helps"
  • And provide word pictures such as "We must attack now from full run in the spokes" maybe for different ideas...

What is the solution for this situation often occur? And what actually searches the word agile in this headline?
"The way is the goal", i.e. Methods use which are flexible and pragmatic.

  • Daily brief stand-up meetings
  • Keep project controlling (www.basecamphq.com) transparent for all
  • Clearly define responsibilities
  • Risk management
  • Remain flexible and continue to innovative!

These are certainly no "panacea", but my own experience confirmed to me that there is another way very often worked especially in critical situations.
In this sense...
"Take what is useful, reject what is useless." Bruce Lee