Individual coaching in the field of IT

Individual coaching is one of the essential means for knowledge workers - including software developers - for the achievement of their objectives.

Coaching takes place in groups today, teams are trained as a whole. We see it in the sport. But there too the athletes with individual coaches work to accurately identify their own strengths and weaknesses. Just so they can reach excellence. In the IT sector, this is perhaps even more important, because developers are wide ranges in "Lone".

How is individual coaching in the IT field?
One on one coaching expires quickly, professionally and individually in the computer area. The need is great, because again and again, companies are facing new tasks, small and large. Small tasks can be that new employees should control PowerPoint, a MS Project or a new content management system in a short time. Major tasks are for example, program code or apps for control processes in the company, a software developer must write in a short time. Therefore, an effective training with individual coaching is required. In this case, that coaching is tailored according to the skills and needs of the Coachee (the coached person) means individually. The individual coaching can at a training centre or at the workplace of the / carried out the Coachee. Corresponding offers follow the rhythm of our time: in many cases the individual coaching can begin following today's request tomorrow. Often, an effective and yet short individual training is sufficient. The advantage of this is the concentrated knowledge almost without downtime in the work process. Individual coaching is about only the subject, which is currently required. It is at the same time as professionally designed, no superfluous side issues cause unnecessary knowledge. Today many continuing education courses, which differ from the individual coaching by the greater or lesser classes suffer. A group can be trained but never as efficiently as a single person. This will in turn benefit optimally by the expertise of highly qualified trainers.

When requesting companies to individual coaching?

First of all: This offer is aimed at companies and freelancers alike. The latter are very often found in the IT industry. Companies need for their personal individual coaching among other things

  • When migrating to a new software or an operating system.
  • in the reorganization of their administrations.
  • for the specialization of individual employees on specific areas, as well as
  • the implementation of new development and production processes.

For freelance software developers very often involves learning a completely new language of the program. Diverse prior experience included on the part of the Coachee, which can shorten the learning process or even extend. Real efficiency is given only by individual coaching.

Individual training mix: qualification concepts in individual coaching

The exact training requirement is determined in advance of coaching. Then, the coach creates a custom-fit workout mix, which includes online and classroom training. In company, even a motivational introduction can belong to the individual coaching: why is actually the new software needed? Freelance their training needs, however, often even very familiar and deliberately pretending the issue for individual coaching. Then modular workshops and complementary E-learning, as well as good comprehensive training material - just like in any training, also belong to the individual coaching tailored to just one individual.

Is their interest piqued for the theme?

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