Why is the aspect of quality in software development not noticed?
Often, there are decisions that improve the conditions of bad programs. But the actual deficits are not addressed.

  • Hardware will be purchased for performance problems, it is doubling the number of processors. But the root causes are ignored.
  • Adjustments/enhancements of existing programs the project leader, the set often hears "the program cannot be extended, I copy the similar parts of the program and write a new program".
  • Or whether the program has been tested in detail, come in demand answers like "The test environment is not sufficient" or "The program is written so that it does not individually (unit test level) can be tested"
  • Many developers colleagues often think that uniform programming guidelines serve to annoy, or Them the creative freedom to take which is important for their work!
  • But the most incredible statement is that the current status of the project admit no resources for quality control/quality assurance.

That may be right, but the quality is so so checked or... Prior to delivery of the software product or by the customer during the production phase...

But luckily this is known and also aware the person responsible!