Every day we use different computer programs and equipment, which should - make our lives easier and more convenient, but this has also a downside: E-Mails and short messages can be to greedy time wasters. extreme multitasking means that we can really focus on anything.

There are numerous computer programs that help you to maintain an overview and to organize your time better. Admittedly, time management software is also a little matter of taste. To facilitate the election, I show you today three handy free tools for your Windows PC. All are available with a German user interface.

Manic time


Ask yourself at the end of the day, where all the time has gone? It's not just you so. Most of us have only a vague idea of how much time we have needed for the professional and personal tasks, that we have done in the course of our work day before the computer. With the freeware ManicTime, meticulously - log these operations, and will perhaps be surprised, how much time you need for a project, and as long as you effectively have worked. A good starting point to possibly rethink your personal time management and your work processes!

As soon as you open a program on your PC and work, manic time records, how you use it. At the same time open, but currently inactive applications into account.

In the manic time window, you will find various analysis tools: A horizontal timeline shows you which programs you have called in the course of time and used. To do this you get a hit list in a separate window most and longest used programs. Certain projects when necessary to allocate the time intervals. Finally, manic time daily saves a work log. Later, you can reconstruct when and how long you have worked on specific tasks.

Manic time must not be installed. You can store the software on a USB stick and use it on any computer.



Todoist especially impresses with its elegant user guide and his successful design. So, it's easy to focus on task management and project management. The software integrates about Add-ons in Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird, as well in different browsers and mobile devices.

The core of the software is a to-do list. Although this may to Spartan fails some people, provide yet practical features - for example, you can define recurring appointments, create tasks, and much more.

The basic version of Todoist is free. Want to encrypt your tasks, for example, or to yourself automatically send reminders as E-Mail or SMS, you need the premium version. This cost 29 U.S. dollars a year.

Task coach


Task coach is a slim, easy-to-use Task Scheduler for uncomplicated time management. The program arranges open your tasks, projects, and events. In addition to a list view, a representation of the tree is available.

For each new task can in addition to title, description, start and end, or approximate amount of time set parameters such as deadlines or charge rates. In addition, the tasks can be classified also by priority.

A special feature is that you can enter the individual components of a total task separately with open source software. Whether a project is completed, work or even overdue, recognized three different colored markers.

Task coach contains an alarm function that it reminds you of not completed tasks. You can also see messages from Outlook or Thunderbird integration as well as send tasks as E-Mail. send.

Also task coach comes out without installation, so that you do it on a memory stick and from anywhere on your data can be accessed.