Time is a precious commodity, especially if you are working in the IT industry. In only a few other professions as many simultaneous requests on the people roar down. Constantly, you are interrupted by requests and short-term tasks prevent you from completing your long-term projects. Therefore, many of us work in an almost frightening pace.

What can you do about it?

The answer is: Agile time management.

Most people, however, feel that they must - learn time management quasi "alongside" and do as more or less necessary evil, to their tasks done to get. Worse still, Some believe, the attempt to better organize, is a waste of time.

Both are wrong.

Agile time management takes you no time, but gives you more of them.

It's like with most techniques: the more you invest, the benefits that you can achieve is the greater. With the right expertise and some practice, you will learn to prioritize your tasks, schedule events, keep more in the handle emails, projects and much and - not to forget - to cultivate your privacy.

The seven main advantages of time management

1. Less stress

By Agile time management directly you can reduce your stress level. There are less surprises, less tight deadlines. You no longer need to rush from task to task and from place to place.

2. You achieve more

Of course, one of the primary goals of time management is improved productivity. If you know what is pending, you can better organize your workload. You are able to do more (important) tasks in less time.

3. Less rework

The better you are organized, make fewer errors and less rework is necessary. Forgotten points of discussion, details and instructions make additional work. How many times had you do more than once already a task because you forgot something? Or insert an extra tour for the same reason?

4. Less sand in the gears

How many times have you created is already your own problems? Many people like to leave unpleasant tasks. If you consciously take on just those pesky obligations in your time management, make you even harder to ignore it, and thus reduce the sand in the gears of your daily life. Also forgotten dates and deadline overruns can be avoid by planning your day and prepare.

5. Less effort

It is a widespread misconception that agile time management means an overhead. On the contrary: my life is this simple. Their tasks seem exhausting – no matter you less if it is to the Saturday big box or to the new IT project that you tackle next month.

6. Less guilt

Without good time management, you're often not sure how much leisure time is actually available. The result: Not really enjoy your free hours, you do feel guilty, because so much work broke down. With time management, you can enjoy, however, your recovery time to the fullest, because you know that you have then have enough time to do the tasks.

7. Less waste of time

No one can extend time him of us available - but we can by using time management better use. With the right know-how, you spend less time on pointless activities. Then must you not be wondering what to do next, but are already one step ahead your work. Agile time management helps you to spend your time with the activities and things that are really important to you. You will benefit not only at work, but in all areas of your life.