Application Kata „Minesweeper“

Write a program that creates a cheat sheet for a given minesweeper game.

Minesweeper is a game that was originally part of the Windows operating system installation. The goal of the game is to open all fields that don’t contain mines without hitting a field with a mine underneath. If a field with a mine is clicked the game is over. Each field that is opened shows a number that depicts how many mines are in the neighborhood of the field.

The program you have to write has to create a cheat sheet that shows the number of mines in the neighborhood of each field.

An input file looks like the following example:
You call the program like the following:
C:> cheatsheet field1.txt cheat1.txt
The resulting file cheat1.txt has the following content:
A further example for input and output of the program:
**... **100
..... 33200
.*... 1*100
The minefield may vary in the number of lines and the number of columns. Input files are correct formatted so you don’t have to implement an error handling.

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