Damir Majer

Damir Majer

CEO and Head of Training

Certified Trainer for Adult Education

"I am the founder of Majer Consulting and Majer Training and an experienced software developer, trainer and consultant. I have been on the road in the SAP world since 1998, supporting numerous projects, and have developed a passion for software engineering, software testing and agile development methods such as TDD. When I am not servicing customers or holding seminars, I am speaking at conferences or writing my next book.”

Accredited Agie Software Engineering (ASE) Coach by SAP

At Majcon, we have been developing agile software for over 20 years and supporting you in your projects. But not only our experience sets us apart. Even the largest European software manufacturer SAP knows about our expertise: Damir Majer is the first non-SAP employee that the company has accredited to become an Agile Software Engineering Coach. He is one of a small group of people worldwide who can officially call themselves ASE coaches.

Immerse yourself in a world that offers you opportunities instead of hurdles. Because problems are also opportunities!



Consultant and a part of the training team

"I've put my heart and soul in the Majer training team since 2007. In other words, I take care of the roadmap and the high standards we set for our trainings. Our core competence lies in the imparting of knowledge and skills directly from practice. Organizing great trainings 'in time and budget' is my passion. My belief is that a clear focus and respect for the people involved are the most important elements.

How we work

ABAP Code Kata


An unprecedented writing project on the subject of CodeKatas.
Developers and interested parties from all over the world form together content and structure of the textbook.
Probable release date is end of 2017.

ABAP Code Kata


Besseres ABAP – Schnell, sicher, robust
von Robert Arlitt, Thorsten Marcus Dunz,
Hermann Gahm, Damir Majer, Eric Westenberger

SAP PRESS Verlag, 2015
ISBN 978-3-8362-2940-1

ABAP Code Kata


Unit-Tests sind Entwicklertests auf Modulebene und eine der wesentlichen Voraussetzungen, um qualitativ hochwertige Software zu erstellen.
von Damir Majer

ISBN 978-3-89864-539-3