Architecture Review

Solid base or cabbage and turnips?

We assess the future viability of your systems architecture, identify weaknesses and show solutions.

Evaluation of the actual architecture

The various components and their relationships form the architecture of a system. Often the original architectural concept blurs when a system is developed over many years. A solid and well-documented architecture is inevitable in order to discuss, plan and execute system customizations. If there has not been any architectural concept documented yet, we will assist you in the very first step of developing and documenting your desired architecture.

Compliance Analysis

In a second step, we analyze the architecture that has actually been implemented and check how it matches the target. Our balance between target and actual architecture reveals deviations that help to keep documentation and implementation consistent and avoid critical unwanted dependencies.

Evaluation of critical system properties

Based on the architectural documentation, we will evaluate your architecture and determine its suitability for implementing future needs. With the help of concrete scenarios, we discover vulnerabilities that should be solved so that the architecture is ready for the future.