Software Quality Benchmark

How good are you? How good are the others?

We categorize your systems and compare their quality with systems of other companies.

Broad portfolio of comparable systems

You want to know how well your system is compared to others? Or do you have a number of internal systems that should all meet the same quality standards? Our benchmark enables an efficient comparison. Of a large number of comparable systems, we choose those that are most similar to your systems and domain and written in the same programming language.

Relevant metrics as a basis for comparison

We use the most meaningful and fully automated analyzes as a basis for comparison. We compare the systems in regard to structure and redundancy and can thus classify the quality of your system quickly and efficiently.

Objective classification of the quality level

Through the benchmark, you can objectively categorize the quality of your code and find out which level of quality would be standard in your environment. If you have some internal systems, we will show you how the quality of your internal systems are related to each other.