“Over the last two decades, I’ve helped hundreds of developers, architects, and teams, so they’ve made projects succeed faster with better and maintainable software.”

We make you profit from agile software more efficiently and smoothly.

We are Majcon. For over 20 years, we have been developing and supporting others with agile software. We are glad to help and show you more efficient methods. Together we work on your problems and design a plan that leads to the best solution.
Majcon offers a range of seminars on SAP, test-driven development (TDD), ABAP unit, object-oriented programming and much more around the topics of agile SAP developing. Our main focus in the seminars are relevance and practical experience.

Upcomming Events

Agile-Software-Engineering-Academy: Applied ABAP ObjectsDecember 17 @ 9:30 - December 20 @ 16:30Applied ABAP Objects Das Seminar Applied ABAP Objects ist ein neu entwickeltes Trainingsprogramm mit Schwerpunkt auf der Objektorientierung mittels ...

ABAP Programmierrichtlinien und Guidelines

As a software developer, you need to continuously improve your development skills. You could spend hours or even days collecting exercises, trying to understand problems and struggling to find ABAP solutions – or you could join this collaborative project today.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to this innovative project and learn how to solve Code Kata problems from ABAP expert, Damir Majer.

Code Review Service

Software testing

IT Documentation


We have been have been working with SAP since 1998, supporting numerous projects and developing a passion for software engineering, software testing and agile development methods such as TDD.

In this time we have also been consulting companies. We want to ask you many questions and analyze your problem in depth. Together we design a plan that is individualized to your needs.

If you can not pinpoint your problem, let alone solve it, you need consulting. The experience helps particularly in complex situations. For almost 20 years now we have been working in agile software development.


You know what you are doing. But every now and then something blocks you or you’re wasting valuable time. Then a coaching will help you. We’ve mastered hundreds of developer issues, and we can help you too.
Damir Majer is a certified trainer and coach, and also holds training courses for SAP. Do not hesitate, even the best can do more with the right coach on their side.

Through the exchange with other teachers and coaching staff, we have developed our own strategy on how we can help people. We share our knowledge and many years of experience, and every solved problem is an enrichment for us.


The pace of economic activity is steadily on the rise. That means the markets, conditions and people are constantly shifting. The success of your own company depends on how quickly it can recognize this change and respond to it with appropriate measures. With over 15 years of consulting and management experience, we support you with the transfer of knowledge and skills directly from the field.
Damir Majer is a certified learning coach as well as a certified adult education trainer. He also works as an accredited trainer for SAP and iSQI.
We offer both open seminars and in-house seminars. Get in touch with us, if you would like to attend any of our individually designed seminars.
With the Blackbelt Academy, we have created our own training program for ABAP developers, that looks state of the art.


By looking at hundreds of projects, we have developed independent solutions over the past two decades. Our products have been developed state of the art agile, and we have set up automated unit tests, integration and system tests for each solution.
In addition, we regularly take a look at our solutions in an architecture review, both tool-based and in architecture sessions.
Further details are available on request.

ABAP Code Kata


Ein bisher nie so da gewesenes kollaboratives Schreibprojekt zum Thema CodeKatas.
Entwickler und Interessierte aus der ganzen Welt formen gemeinsam Inhalte und Aufbau des Fachbuchs.
Vorraussichtliches Erscheinungsdatum ist Ende 2017.

ABAP Code Kata


Besseres ABAP – Schnell, sicher, robust
von Robert Arlitt, Thorsten Marcus Dunz,
Hermann Gahm, Damir Majer, Eric Westenberger

SAP PRESS Verlag, 2015
ISBN 978-3-8362-2940-1

ABAP Code Kata


Unit-Tests sind Entwicklertests auf Modulebene und eine der wesentlichen Voraussetzungen, um qualitativ hochwertige Software zu erstellen.
von Damir Majer

ISBN 978-3-89864-539-3