What is it?

A CodeRetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. This FREE Community-Driven event gives the opportunity to practice TDD, Clean Code and Refactoring for a whole day. This isn’t a conference! Rules are totally different, attendees take actively part in the coding experience: act a lot, listen very little.


„Retreats” are certainly in trend. Many people would be thinking of a spiritual retreat as in a monastery. But we programmers also know the term: A CodeRetreat is an established, proven learning format in which you focus without having time pressure entirely on the programming and good code design. To improve the way you work and deepen your existing knowledge – all that, without thinking of your current project and its impending deadlines. The Inventor of the CodeRetreats is Corey Haines. Additional Information could be found on his site https://coderetreat.org/.

Why only ABAP?

The ABAP CodeRetreat is a more focused CodeRetreat. We try to focus even more on the craftsmanship, even more on one language in order to dive even deeper and find out more about how to become better. Never done it before? Just try it!

The Set-up of a CodeRetreat

A Code-Retreat usually takes place in one day. This will be divided in five to six 45 minutest programming sessions or better said Code-Katas. Between each session there is a15 minutes break for a review, a coffee break and a briefing of the next meeting. In the morning you will familiarize yourselves with the problem to break with old habits. In the afternoon it will become more demanding: We will make your abstraction and test your ability for test-driven development. Instead of gaining new insights, you will spend the day to practicing these concepts.


The word “Kata” stands for the problem you’re going to solve over and over again, dealing with different constraints in each session. This short excercise were first introduced by Dave Thomas. Basically, this will be your coding challenge of the day. All locations share the same Kata, and the Kata we chose is Conway’s “Game of Life”. You’ll get more and more familiar with the Kata as time goes by: by the end of the day you’ll clean-code as a PRO!


As a work method we generally use Pair-Programming as the knowledge transfer is an essential part of this exercise. In each session you will work with different partner, select a part of the problem to be solved and begin the test-driven development. After each session you will delete the developed code (completely!) and exchange information with the other participants over the learned lessons. If you work together with others and have fun on the set tasks, the learning effect will automatically occur!

What should I bring?

Just bring your laptop, if possible have your own access to a NetWeaver Stack (on premise or cloud). As organizers we try to provide access to a SAP-System for the event-day.
Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided by sponsors (without them nothing could happen!!).

Follow ABAP CodeRetreat on Twitter @ABAPCodeRetreat.

Who supports ABAP CodeRetreats?

The ABAP CodeRetreat Format is founded and supported by Damir Majer and Dr. Christian Drumm .

For organizing upcoming ABAP CodeRetreats we use Slack Collaboration Tool. You´re welcome to join our  Slack channel.

This Format is supported by SAP! SAP will provide access to Cloud-based SAP Systems so that we can enjoy the Event on up-to-date Systems!

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